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Venue terms

  • When making a booking, you agree:

    • to use the room only for the time(s) and purpose stated;

    • not to cause damage or nuisance or undertake activity inappropriate for a Community Centre;

    • to adhere to legal obligations including fire, health and safety and smoke-free regulations.

  • WCA agrees to make the room available at the time requested and in good condition.

  • WCA may occasionally cancel bookings due to maintenance or building faults. We will provide as much notice as possible and arrange for the charge to be cancelled.

  • WCA reserves the right to offer another suitable room if necessary for maintenance, efficient operation of the Centre etc.

  • If you intend to transfer your use of the room to another person, please contact the WCA office to arrange this. Do not assign your existing commitment or pass on your log-in details.

  • In the case of regular group or WCA section bookings:

    • Your confirmation of a room booking constitutes notice that you have any appropriate Public Liability Insurance;

    • If children or vulnerable adults will be attending, your confirmation of a room booking constitutes notice that you have undertaken Disclosure and Barring Service checks on any staff or volunteers attending the Centre;

    • The Skedda booking system holds the definitive record of your arrangement to use a room. Please use information that WCA sends to you from Skedda (and/or log in) to ensure that this information reflects what you require;

    • Please provide the dates of new terms and breaks in good time and as requested by WCA staff;

    • Unless otherwise stated in writing, you must provide at least 7 days’ notice of cancellation or alteration of a booking;

    • All room charges must be paid in advance and in accordance with terms stated in invoices (NB Different arrangements apply to WCA sections);

    • Room hire charges stated at the time of initial booking are those in force on the day the booking is arranged.  We alter prices from time to time and you are required to pay the price applying on the day the room is used.  Good notice of at least one month will be given by WCA in the case of price changes.

  • In the case of functions and parties, additional terms and conditions apply – please see separate document.


                                                                                                                                                                                 September 2019

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